People are often worried that they might respond to a massage in a way that they can’t control. They worry about snoring, or breaking wind, or other bodily responses that cause fear of embarrassment.

As a massage therapist I’m regularly told, “My friend would like a massage, but…”. The friend in question is usually male, and is so worried that the massage might cause a particular unintended response that they refuse to have a massage. More on that below, but first another common fear.

Massage speeds up your digestion …

Fear of farting is quite common! A massage gets the digestive system working and sometimes this results in the person being massaged breaking wind – this doesn’t happen all the time but it’s perfectly normal. It shows that your body is nice and relaxed. Don’t be embarrassed, just laugh about it. Your massage therapist won’t be shocked, or offended, or mock you – they are used to it.

You might even need to dash to the loo. Again, this isn’t uncommon, just give your therapist a bit of notice so they can wipe any oil off your feet to prevent you slipping over on the way to the toilet!

… and blood flow

Now this is for the men – sometimes men get an erection during a massage. It’s normal. It happens. This is one of the main reasons men avoid having a massage, but you needn’t be afraid. While it doesn’t happen every time, it is perfectly normal and not something that a professional massage therapist will get upset about – we know that it is purely a physiological response and does not mean you are having rude thoughts!

If you notice that it is happening in response to a particular part of you being massaged, such as your thighs, tell your massage therapist what is happening. They can then adjust their technique or avoid the area – don’t be embarrassed, talk about it.

A professional massage therapist will respect your privacy and confidentiality. If you do experience an erection during a massage, they won’t tell other people about it.

That said, it is worth mentioning here that you must behave appropriately. As massage therapists we do have to protect ourselves from inappropriate requests and behaviour. If you do experience an erection while having a massage, please don’t ask for a happy ending or for any ‘extra’ services!

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